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"A Wonderfull World/ Un mundo Maravilloso" Once upon a time there was a little window that you could see through into a magic world, a place with fantastic beings, a place where you could find the secret to happiness! This picture book carries a message of love where, we are all different and friends under the same sky.

 I made a collage on my artwork with drawings made by children between the ages of three to eight years old.


22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards



  Excellent English-Spanish layout in the book; makes it easier to familiarize with the phrases in each language via the side-by-side placement. Great choice.

I like the opening image of the frame that turn into a burst of color when the page is turned. Beautiful vehicle for inviting the reader into the book. Well done. And the colors in the book are vibrant and exciting, which adds to the quality of the story.

  The “Opus Focus” spell has great melody to it and is fun for little readers to say; it calls out a bit of Harry Potter magic for the child and adult reader. Nice choice!

The book is populated with cute characters, and the names the author gives them are very original and creative. Author has put great effort into the smallest details, such as their names and dialogue matched well to the reading level.

Nice message: the power of happiness makes everything more wonderful. Very well done.