Everything began at the early age of nine. I remember it because my mother gave me a subscription for an art class as a birthday present. I couldn’t be happier... I loved to draw! From that moment on  I have never stopped: it is part of my life.

  I was taught art in the traditional way; I learned to watch nature and reality but I was always amazed how one can express oneself just with a line or a shape with the freedom of the unknown.

  I followed the path until little by little everything changed in my mind and I started seeing only with my heart and… abstract art occurred.

  My first abstract work was the joy of total freedom, and from then on it is always with me. “You will always have the wonder, and while that happens you will always be an artist”. Words said by my master and friend, Enrique Monaco.

  I learned to see the colors in gray days; after the rain everything is brighter; this is why the red is reddish next to gray or black.

I don’t work with preconceived ideas, I always like to be here and now, I love Zen.

  When regular art paper wasn’t enough for me I made a great discovery: the handmade paper. I learned the technique of making my own paper, then real nature was in it and gave me, one more time, the opportunity to always be in present tense.

  I have always been attracted by unusual textures and things, I like to collect feathers, stones and old pieces of iron used in machineries or old rusty big nails. One day I decided to use my treasures in my art, and this was how the art-boxes started to grow one after the other. My own searching nature in permanent motion, takes me to another reality, discovering in objects a transparency that brings me closer to the pure consistency of things.

  Trying always to be true to myself, I love my art to fly as I can not; it is like a trip to a different unknown world, where nothing has been yet discovered , and I can use my magic to get over there. And when this happens… then I can also fly.