When Less is More

by Alfredo Cernadas Quesada,

Buenos Aires Herald 

…Meltzer has turned out objects and etchings that are spontaneous, beautiful and moving. The final shapes of which are dictated by their own textural or volumetric traits rather than by the artist's whim.

But let's give credit where it's due: in less talented hands they would just be pieces of wood, iron, leaves, feathers or sea shells just put together in black, glass topped boxes rather than delicate assemblages of the Mar y Bosque  series. She obtains equally magic results with even scarcer means in other series generally presented in triptychs, suspended on black backgrounds… It is dramatic, very simple and it clearly shows the importance of the chosen medium (home made paper), the eloquence of whose texture and shape already has its own visual language and doesn't demand nor need much else on its surface. The creator's talent lies on what she leaves out rather than on what she includes. Not an easy choice, but worth the try, for when there's talent, less is more.

Paper and Sign

by Raul Santana,

Buenos Aires 


Mirta Meltzer’s works are a territory of wonders: they do not carry ideas, sketches or prior visions, but rather they behave like recipients where her images will grow as a result of a close dialogue with the material. Meltzer’s creations spring up from an elaborate game in which the exercise of her flowing attention rescues or discards the elements that will finally be components in her vision. A sign, a texture, something added in the fashion of collage, all will be elements that, in a secret ceremony, almost a ritual, will be displayed on the surface to introduce the observer to a hermetic world view and feeling that, if sometimes is dramatic, most of the time is a celebration.

Memories of the Past- Present Views

by Julio Sapollnik, Buenos Aires 


This is how contemporary art becomes a fascinating adventure; its expressive possibilities are infinite and related to the artist’s creative resources.  The work of art turns into an action which does not consist in “pulling to find” but in “remaining to develop… Mirta chose diverse techniques for the different images. She could do a series of ten works which started from mere dispossession until causing the greatest visual contemplation…What does this inner call to broaden the creative horizon respond to?  A need made her present a series of boxes which enabled her to keep in custody certain elements not destined for immediate use.  For most people, the things remain there and do not need to be looked by the others, They are simply kept.  But for the artist who presents her boxes, they communicate a hidden and mysterious inner feeling of a past time which is revealed as present…. Nothing is as it was before; the tension created by the microclimate gives the assembled ancient elements the wonder of what is new.  She feels faithful only to herself when trying to build a language based in the essence of silence.

Windows in Space

by Elena Oliveras

Buenos Aires

Installations in The National Halls of Art

In tune with an international trend, several painters and sculptors among us have felt the need to express themselves by “installations,” transforming the neutral museum or galleries space into active stages where they display their work. Such is the case of Mirta Meltzer, who now exhibits her creations on the second floor at the National Gallery (Posadas 1725). Her work in mixed media, classifiable as informalism, breaks free of the pictorial limitations to spill on the environment that contains them. They not only cover the walls but also extend into the space and incorporate it as yet another – immaterial - material. Meltzer’s handmade paper is not longer secondary elements; they become the main protagonist. She opens a window/door so that, if properly positioned within its frame, we can see a set of boxes containing different objects and fragments of her works on paper. The whole installation conveys the fragmentary character of objects, facts, and even the artist herself. And this is, precisely, the fundamental concept of her dissemination through space.