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"My Hands / Mis Manos" is the story of a life’s journey as told by a mother to a child through the gestures of hands. From a childhood of tender affection and the world of play to the adult world of responsibilities, the narrator’s hands reach from one generation to another. Along the way the mother’s hands enjoy simple pleasures: hands that built castles in the sand, hands that held a dog’s leash, hands that tied bows and laces, hands that opened and closed many doors to learning. Finally, in adulthood her hands touched the lives of many around the world as she combed hair, dried tears, washed clothes, and picked flowers. In a poetic crossing of oceans, her hands trembled in happiness as she reached others in this symbolic gesture of love.

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3 Minute Interview : Author Mirta Meltzer

by Steve Contorno / April 2013

21st Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards / 2013

Judges Commentary:


This is a beautiful story, and I love the way it is told in two languages. The illustrations are completely lovely, and the story itself is heartwarming. Conveying a life full of love and adventure through the work of hands is simple, but unique and delightful. There is a gentle poetry as well to the lines. 

One of the best things about this story is that it is equally suited to teaching English from Spanish as it is teaching Spanish from English. It is completely accessible to beginning independent readers, but it is equally suitable as a read-aloud book.